Real Dealz Investing # 1: Think Like a Real Estate Investor

        Welcome to our first Real Dealz Podcast where we discuss why Real Estate Investing makes more millionaires than any other realm of investing.  Real Estate Investors understand that the strategy is as important at the asset.  By implementing superior negotiating, leverage, and cash flow strategies, Real Estate Investors are able to…

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Bridging the Gap Between Real Estate and Stocks

There’s something to be said for focusing on what you’re good at.  Trying to focus on too many things at once often leaves you excelling at nothing.  But once you become proficient at one area of investing, it can be a great foundation to enter into another realm where many of the same principals hold…

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Cost-Basis Reduction

Dividend paying stocks have always attracted a high percentage of stock investors.  The idea that you can simply own a stock that sends you a paycheck each quarter creates a sense of security for those who fear the volatility of the market.  After all, why care about share price when you know a nice dividend…

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crash proof portfolio

The Crash Proof Portfolio…..

Everyone looks like a genius during the good times. When markets are soaring, everyone’s an expert. But what separates the true professionals from the amateurs is when portfolios continue to grow even as markets are tanking. We’ve all heard stories of how supposedly professionally managed retirement accounts sank 30% or more during the last crash.…

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good real estate investor

Real Estate Investors Are Masters of Leverage….

Before I started learning about real estate investing, I was just an old-fashioned stock investor. I followed the greats like Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger. It’s a wonderful way to approach investing. Finding stocks at a discount, holding them for several years or more, and experiencing above average returns just as the masters have. But…

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benefits of a stock market crash

All I Want for Christmas is a Stock Market Crash……

There are some benefits of a stock market crash. People get so mad at me when I tell them I enjoy stock market crashes. But why would you get mad at anybody who wants something to go on sale? After all, it’s not my fault if you overpaid for your TV, your car, your house,…

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real estate is the best investment

Why Real Estate Is The Best Investment….

I would be lying if I told you that Real Estate was the easiest way to get rich. I would have to say that if you’re patient and content retiring with 5 to 20 million in your bank account, the stock market might be more up your alley. For any investor who puts a little…

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what it takes to become rich

How to Become Filthy Rich

People get into business and investing often with the hopes of becoming a multi-millionaire mogul..Fame, fortune, respect, and other deep seeded desires can all seem to come to mind when people start imagining their future life of wealth and luxury. Unfortunately, not enough thought goes into the mathematical requirements for one to grow wealthy. Believe…

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best retirement plan

Why Savvy Investors Prefer Roth IRAs

Are you looking for the best retirement plan? People always ask me about what the best retirement account is. There are actually many different types of retirement accounts that you can have access to depending on your employment or business set up. For example employees who work for private employers may be eligible for a…

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being frugal make you rich

You Can’t Shrink into Greatness….

Too many people think that the rich are rich because they’re cheap. Many assume that they horded and horded all of their money until they had the money to live the dream life down the road. But when you take a look at how most self-made millionaires climbed to the top, almost none of them…

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