how to raise capital for investment

10 Ways of how to raise capital for investment…..

Let’s talk about how to raise capital for your investment. One of the most frustrating things about learning how to invest, is knowing what to do with your money…..but not having any!  That was my experience. I crammed books, and courses into my brain. And it got me so excited knowing what to do once I had tens of thousands of dollars. Too bad I was living paycheck to paycheck with absolutely no savings….

how to raise capital for investmentSo here were some things that really helped get me rolling.


1. Take Advantage of Others’ “Good Will”

I love road trips because there are so many thrift stores around the country. Places where people indiscriminately donate items that they have no use for. And because the people who work there aren’t exactly professional appraisers, there’s all sorts of stuff you can find at a steep discount. This is where you can get an idea of how to raise capital for investment.


For example, I love taking a magnet with me, and going through jewelry piece by piece. If it doesn’t stick, I look closer to make sure it’s silver.  I find pieces of .925 sterling silver jewelry often at an 50% to 80% discount of what it can be sold for.  My wife is really good at looking for authentic designer hand bags which I’ve seen her purchase for pennies on the dollar.  Those things sell like wildfire on Ebay!


2. Garage Sales and Estate Sales

Similar to the example above, we’re looking for items selling at a steep discount.  That can be gold and silver jewelry, designer handbags, watches, instruments, and even furniture sets.  In fact, I know one guy who would drive into ritzy rich neighborhoods in the summer.  Rich households change over their furniture sets far more frequently than the middle class. He could often find barely used Ethan Allen Furniture that could be turned around and sold for thousands.


3. Keep Your Trunk Open

Driving around neighborhoods, you never know what people will put to the curb.  Scrap metal such as aluminum, copper, brass, etc. can be cashed in for some decent money in large enough volume.  If you’re already driving around a lot, why not pull over and put a few extra dollars in your pocket each month


4. Cash In Cans and Bottles

Here in New York, we get five cents for every can or bottle we cash in.  Not too impressive.  But if you’re just mindful of it as you go through beverages, you can fill up a couple of leaf bags a lot quicker than you think.  An extra $20.00 here or there is nothing to sneer at when you’re pinching pennies. This is an easier way of how to raise capital for investment.


5. Keep Your Ear to the Ground

You’d be surprised how many types of businesses will pay you simply for providing referrals.  Real Estate Investors (not agents) are always willing to pay their people who produce leads. It’s a good way of how to raise capital for investment. People who go out and find deals are known as “Bird-Doggers” and although it’s frowned upon in some markets, in many it’s perfectly acceptable.  You can also get paid for driving their magnet signs around on your car, or even going around and hanging up their bandit signs.


It’s not just investors who pay.  Solar panel companies, attorneys, and pretty much anyone else you can make a hand-shake agreement with is another potential income stream.  And all you’re doing is finding a shoe that fits.


6. Throw Your Own Garage Sales

Spend enough time picking up furniture, toys, baby items, tools, and other stuff on the side of the road, it’s only a matter of time before you can throw your own garage sale.  It’s free money, and if you’re not doing anything more productive on a Saturday, why the heck not?


7. Start A LOW RISK Side Business

The reason I emphasize low risk is because people get carried away with what they think a side business should entail.  They go crazy with webpages, and marketing materials, and the next thing they know, they are even deeper in a hole.


We’re starting a side business to start piling up some extra cash each weekend.  Get some basic business cards made, and start networking.  Word of mouth is the best way to brand yourself, and it’s the cheapest one too.


People are always looking household serving and bar tending staff for their events.  Maybe you can start cleaning houses.  Maybe you can pick up a babysitting shift.  It’s only a side business. It doesn’t have to be glamorous.


8. Get a Side Job

This is a straightforward way of how to raise capital for your investment. For some reason, people who start the path of financial freedom sometimes get it into their head that they’re above working in a job even before they become successful.  There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING SHAMEFUL about working in a job.  Some people work full careers as employees and still retire very rich because they took their wages and invested them wisely.


So even if your priority is becoming financially free, it can make a lot of sense to work extra hard early on to save the capital you need.  An extra $100.00 a week is an extra $5,200.00 a year.  Many people don’t even have that in their bank account.


9. Stop Spending Money to Feel Happy

The answer to how to raise capital for investment maybe inside yourself. Boredom is dangerous when you have money in your pocket. We humans get so discontent by the familiar and the routine.  We get bored with the food in our fridge so we order takeout.  We get bored at home so we go out to eat.  We get bored with our furniture and our clothes, so we go shopping for items that we really don’t need.


And we’re so good at justifying it too.  “We’re outgrowing this house.” Uh, no you’re not.  People in many areas of the world raise their entire family in a flat.  You have to ask yourself if you’re willing to live the life nobody wants right now, so you can live the life nobody else can down the road.  Discipline will set you free.


10. Find Cheaper Alternatives

Do you really need the beef?  Or can you go with the chicken?  Do you really need the brand name, or can you go with generic?  Do you really need to buy your snacks at the movie theater?  Or can you stop at the grocery store before hand?


Again, it all goes back to making little choices that help you hold on to more of your hard earned cash.  None of these suggestions by themselves are incredibly earth shattering.  But let’s say you do just a few? And you make an extra $300.00 a month?  That can be the start of an asset that could replace your salary entirely given enough time.


If you are ready to start your path to SAVING and INVESTING, we are here to help.


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