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why due diligence is important

Are you serious about your business?

Most people are missing the reason why due diligence is important. I am not a gifted entrepreneur. I have screwed up so many business ventures. And I’d like to say that those were lessons learned. But many times I wasn’t learning the right lessons, which is why I kept repeating certain mistakes. Totally avoidable mistakes.…

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focus on your goals

Vision, Missions, Goals, and Tasks….

Do you have focus on your goals? If you asked me the easiest way to predict of whether somebody will fulfill their dreams, I would say it boils down to one simple trait…….FOCUS. An unwavering obsession for reaching your dream destination. They have a saying that the rich plan for generations, and the poor plan…

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Willpower Vs. Willingness

Willpower vs. willingness, which one is more significant. In my early days of self-development, one of my mentors asked us a very important question. He asked… “What is the difference between WILLPOWER and WILLINGNESS?” We all thought for a moment. Up until that point, we had been taught that will power was a good thing.…

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how to automate your business

How to automate your business…..

“How to automate your business?” is a question so many entrepreneurs ask. Particularly when they’re limited on time, or just too lazy to put in the effort. The idea of owning a 24/7 cash flow machine that never stops funneling money into your bank account can be downright intoxicating. I have spent a lot of…

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Entrepreneurs Vs. Starving Artists

Entrepreneurs Vs. Starving Artists

Let’s talk about Entrepreneurs Vs. Starving Artists. One of the most important lessons you learn as an entrepreneur is to sell the market what they want……not what you think they need.  In other words, the market dictates what the problems are, and what their beliefs are about the solution, and what language you need to…

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how to be critical

Beware of assumptions….

Knowing how to be critical is part of the business. Anyone who pitches a new idea by me quickly realizes how hard it is to elicit my enthusiasm.  I am a real party pooper at times.  The reason being is that I am an extremely critical thinker, and I love troubleshooting.  I wish more people…

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effort or effectiveness


Which one should you put more attention on, effort or effectiveness? I hear a lot of working class people come up with all different ways of determining what they should be paid.  I hear people talk about the time they put in, or the effort they put in, or even that they are entitled to…

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the rich mindset

The Poor, the Middle Class, and the Sane

That’s right I said it. Do you know the rich mindset? Being poor or middle class isn’t just some fine and dandy way to live.  It’s a byproduct of flawed thinking.  I’m not saying you ever have to get to the point of being rich.  What I am saying is that most people aren’t poor…

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Good Debt vs. Bad Debt

Good debt vs. bad debt. How to their differences? It just doesn’t get any simpler than this. Good debt is debt that you use to make more money. Bad debt is money you borrow to buy stupid stuff that you don’t really need. The Poor and the Middle Class seem to be addicted to bad…

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how to find free money

How to Find Free Money….

Of course, everyone wants to know how to find free money.Did you know you can rent money? That’s what a loan is.  And the cost to borrow that money is charged as interest.  But here’s the cool thing about money.  The bank doesn’t charge you interest as the cost of borrowing it.  It charges you…

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