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how is wealth created

How Self-Made Millionaires Create Wealth

Do you want to know how is wealth created? There are many Self-Made Millionaires with incredible stories admired by entrepreneurs and investors alike. Names like Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg all epitomize the level of success that most business professionals could only dream of attaining.But the truth is that there are common themes…

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best ways to make passive income

Passive Income: The easy way or the hard way!

If I watch one more pyramid scheme internet marketer spam my inbox about effortless passive income, I’m going to flip my lid. Even if you are talented and motivated enough to build your network up to the point of passive income, the intense effort and time you have to put in up front is anything…

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why is diversification important in investing

Smart Diversification Vs. Dumb Diversification

Most investors understand the logic behind diversification. But not all forms of diversification are created equal. Imagine you’re back in elementary school, you’re in gym class, and you’ve been nominated the captain of your dodge ball team. Which kids do you think you would pick to be on your team? Would you just pick people…

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Investing Vs. College

Investing Vs. College

Let’s talk about investing vs. college. If there’s one opinion that gets me a lot of criticism, it’s my opinion about better things to invest in than a college degree. Now I’m not bashing college. I have a lot of respect for college graduates who have worked hard in school.. The world needs educated workers.…

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the rich mindset

The Poor, the Middle Class, and the Sane

That’s right I said it. Being poor or middle class isn’t just some fine and dandy way to live.  It’s a byproduct of flawed thinking.  I’m not saying you ever have to get to the point of being rich.  What I am saying is that most people aren’t poor or middle class because they choose…

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Good Debt vs. Bad Debt

Good debt vs. bad debt. It just doesn’t get any simpler than this. Good debt is debt that you use to make more money. Bad debt is money you borrow to buy stupid stuff that you don’t really need. The Poor and the Middle Class seem to be addicted to bad debt. The rich love…

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STOP FALLING FOR PONZI SCHEMES ways to avoid scams online


There are ways to avoid scams online. I can’t stand scrolling through my news feeds and seeing people hijack reputable quotes and faces to brand their hit-and-run operations. Every day I see Warren Buffet’s face promoting Bitcoin even though Warren doesn’t invest in Bitcoin. Every day I see a Mark Zuckerberg meme used to promote…

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there’s more to life than money

There’s more to life than money….

Imagine what the world would be like if people spent money according to the values they claimed to stand for. There’s more to life than money.  I see people complain about how Wal-Mart treats their employees, and then do their shopping there.  I see them complain about outsourcing jobs, and then buy from the business…

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how to achieve financial freedom

Wealth Doesn’t Happen By Accident….

Everyone wants to know how to achieve financial freedom. Warren Buffet says that you should make yourself an expense. Robert Kiyosaki recommends paying yourself first.  Think about how that compares to what the average middle class person lives their life.  Paying the government, the bank, and the schools and having almost nothing left over to…

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buying low then selling high

Buy Low Sell High

Buying low then selling high is a basic strategy. If I get one more spam message about why I should be buying bitcoin, I won’t hold back on how totally backwards their logic is.  Think about it.  If somebody says you should by anything because it’s at an all-high, why would you think that’s a…

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