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being frugal make you rich

You Can’t Shrink into Greatness….

Do you think that being frugal make you rich? Too many people think that the rich are rich because they’re cheap. Many assume that they horded and horded all of their dollars and cents until they had the money to live the dream life down the road. But when you take a look at how…

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how is wealth created

How Self-Made Millionaires Create Wealth

Do you want to know how is wealth created? There are many Self-Made Millionaires with incredible stories admired by entrepreneurs and investors alike. Names like Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg all epitomize the level of success that most business professionals could only dream of attaining.But the truth is that there are common themes…

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best ways to make passive income

PASSIVE INCOME: The easy way or the hard way!

Are you looking for the best ways to make passive income? If I watch one more pyramid scheme internet marketer spam my inbox about effortless passive income, I’m going to flip my lid. Even if you are talented and motivated enough to build your network up to the point of passive income, the intense effort…

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why is diversification important in investing

Smart Diversification Vs. Dumb Diversification

Everbody knows the answer to the question “why is diversification important in investing?” But what is the right way of diversification? Imagine you’re back in elementary school, you’re in gym class, and you’ve been nominated the captain of your dodge ball team. Which kids do you think you would pick to be on your team?…

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Investing Vs. College

Investing Vs. College

Let’s talk about investing vs. college. If there’s one opinion that gets me a lot of criticism, it’s my opinion about better things to invest in than a college degree. Now I’m not bashing college. I have a lot of respect for college graduates who worked hard and school, and work hard after school. The…

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overcoming business challenges

What Businesses Are Made Of…..

Overcoming business challenges is what every businessman should learn. Starting with your very first business can fill you with all sorts of emotions. You can feel overwhelmed when considering the massive amounts of knowledge you still have to learn. You can feel stressed about the money you’ve risked getting your business running. You can feel…

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why due diligence is important

Are you serious about your business?

Most people are missing the reason why due diligence is important. I am not a gifted entrepreneur. I have screwed up so many business ventures. And I’d like to say that those were lessons learned. But many times I wasn’t learning the right lessons, which is why I kept repeating certain mistakes. Totally avoidable mistakes.…

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focus on your goals

Vision, Missions, Goals, and Tasks….

Do you have focus on your goals? If you asked me the easiest way to predict of whether somebody will fulfill their dreams, I would say it boils down to one simple trait…….FOCUS. An unwavering obsession for reaching your dream destination. They have a saying that the rich plan for generations, and the poor plan…

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Willpower Vs. Willingness

Willpower vs. willingness, which one is more significant. In my early days of self-development, one of my mentors asked us a very important question. He asked… “What is the difference between WILLPOWER and WILLINGNESS?” We all thought for a moment. Up until that point, we had been taught that will power was a good thing.…

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how to automate your business

How to automate your business…..

“How to automate your business?” is a question so many entrepreneurs ask. Particularly when they’re limited on time, or just too lazy to put in the effort. The idea of owning a 24/7 cash flow machine that never stops funneling money into your bank account can be downright intoxicating. I have spent a lot of…

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