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Is the market overpriced sources of passive income

Is the market overpriced?

Getting your sources of passive income requires a lot of knowledge. The question of whether the market is overpriced is a topic of endless discussion.  According to the Efficient Market Theory, which is the basis for mainstream investment advice, there market is always efficiently priced based on all available information.  So if you believe in…

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Good vs Bad Investments sure thing investments

Good vs Bad Investments

You want to know what the sure thing investments are? I hear it all the time. “Gold is the best investment” or “Real Estate is the best investment”, or “stocks are too risky”.  People love to talk about investments as though they are feelings or recipes.  They assign these general labels to something, but never…

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EGO Broke control your ego

EGO = Broke

Do you know how to control your ego? One of my mentors described the ego as a self-image people buy into in order to protect themselves from becoming their deepest fears.  For example, someone who fears being insignificant will portray himself as a big shot.  Someone who fears scarcity may become cheap and greedy.   The…

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The Win-Win Outcome online marketing

The Win-Win Outcome

Anybody can make a quick dollar stringing somebody along until they fork over their money.  Online marketing in particular is riddled with “Done-For-You” programs that indulge the idea that you can make more money than you can possibly imagine without using one brain cell, or bringing one sliver of value to the market. It’s the…

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Stop Bashing Your Job job is important

Stop Bashing Your Job: Your Job is Important

Do you know that having a job is important? Financial freedom…..the idea of retiring early, setting your own hours, and FIRING YOUR BOSS.  It’s a beautiful vision that inspires entrepreneurs and investors alike to stay on their uncertain path towards success.  It’s a great goal to have……once you’ve earned it that is. For some reason,…

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Risk and Leverage investment risk

Risk and Leverage

Investment risk is real. Looking back at the election, one of the major topics of discussion was Donald Trump’s history of bankruptcies.  It was common to hear him criticized as a lousy investor based on the number of ventures he’s had which have gone to bankruptcy.  And to some degree that may be true.  This…

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How Warren Buffet Invests passive income ideas

How Warren Buffet Invests

Knowing how Warren Buffet invests is very enticing. I’m always amazed how many articles claim to know something about how Warren Buffet invests, and then goes right back to giving the same generic, cliché, ineffective investment advice that Warren criticizes. The first thing you have to realize about Warren is that he is mindful that…

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What does it mean to hedge

What does it mean to hedge?

Sometimes I forget that not everybody knows what I’m talking about when I use the term “hedge.” One of the most popular topics in financial news are hedge funds.  But why are they called that?     “Hedging” has been a term floating around since the 1600s, and it originally refers to plants which act…

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how to raise capital for investment

10 Ways of how to raise capital for investment…..

Let’s talk about how to raise capital for your investment. One of the most frustrating things about learning how to invest, is knowing what to do with your money…..but not having any!  That was my experience. I crammed books, and courses into my brain. And it got me so excited knowing what to do once…

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what are options easy residual income

What Are Options?

Searching for an easy residual income needs knowledge. We hear about things like Options Strategies, Options Trading, or Binary Options.  But most investors don’t really know all that much about them.  And it’s kind of a shame because when options are used correctly, they can make your investing more stable and profitable.   Options started…

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