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Business Systems and Automation

Giving life to your business….

The biology of business…. I was a Bio major before I dropped out of school.  It was one of those subjects I found useful and interesting, so of course I aced it.   (The boring classes were my downfall.)  Unfortunately I didn’t know anything about investing or business at the time.  It wasn’t until much later…

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Herbert A. Koehler

My Story…..

Failure, failure, and more failure… When I dropped out of college, I felt like a total failure.  You start to questiong what’s wrong with you.  You remember all of those times people told you that you needed a degree to really be successful.  Not to mention that I was the only one out of six…

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Consistency determines the outcome of our lives.

Consistency is Key

Consistency is everything…. Consistent performance is the most important aspect of investing….period. This isn’t open for discussion… at least not on planet Earth. There isn’t one investor who’s reached billionaire status who hasn’t thought about the performance of their stocks, businesses, or property decades out. It’s what got them to where they are. Limiting risk,…

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