Branding, Marketing, and Sales

Branding, marketing, and sales…….While it can be easy to confuse these terms, each one is a separate step in effectively generating revenue for your business.  And contrary to popular belief, all of these steps are required regardless of whether you use active prospecting methods, paid traffic, SEO, direct mail, voicemail campaigns, etc.  Part of the reason people don’t succeed is because they think they can skip any one of these parts simply because based on the method they’re using. Or even worse, they don’t understand the distinction between these terms.

Finding The Ideal Relationship….

Think of it this way.  If you wanted to find the ideal mate, you’d recognize there’s a process involved. The first place you might want to start is  taking e a close look in the mirror, and becoming incredibly clear on what makes you attractive as a person.  Are you the type of person that people can find fascinating and  can easily grow connected to?.  After all, you need to have something going for you if you’re going to get your foot in the door.  In the business world, this is called BRANDING.  It’s about you, not them. And it’s what will set you apart from all of your competition.

Later, after you’ve already started capturing their interest, you might want to go on a date. Hopefully they’d recognize something you bring to the table that makes it worth their while. In the business world, this is called MARKETING.  It’s about relevance, value, and having more to offer than your competition.

Finally, down the road, after the relationship has developed, it’s time to get on your knee, pop the big question, so you can ‘seal the deal.”  In the business world, this is called SALES. Any marketer can get the occasional “one-night stand”.  But top competitors look to build relationships where sales continuously occur with the same person.  Where the sale occurs in such a natural way where instead of buyer’s remorse, your client feels a deep sense of satisfaction and gratitude.  Once you start to develop this ability, 97% of your competition just can’t touch you.

Don’t Be That Guy (Or Girl)….

So why do so many marketers struggle?  Unfortunately, there are a lot of overnight experts spreading horrible misconceptions about effective marketing.  I think anyone on Facebook knows how obnoxious it is do get their inbox spammed.  To have tacky promotions posted on their timeline.  Or to be invited to groups and pages by people they’ve never even had a discussion with.  These are tactics of the playboy pickup artist.  Just talk to every woman in the bar, hoping somebody had enough drinks to take you up on your offer.

They completely bypass the branding, and the value based marketing process.  Just pitch and close, pitch and close, pitch and close with their corny one liners.  And the sad part is that it’s not even their fault.  They’re following the advice of those who supposedly have already made their millions, and know exactly what works.  Meanwhile, they’ve simply learned how to manufacture an image that doesn’t reflect the truth.  It’s an epidemic that has caused horrible damage to the reputation of honest, hard working, would be entrepreneurs that have simply gotten off on the wrong foot.

It All Comes Back To Branding….

So what actually works.  When in doubt, go back to step 1……BRANDING.  Branding is the life blood of your business.  It’s what attracts leads to you, rather than you pursuing them.  It’s what conditions your leads in such a way where they feel comfortable in listening to your message, and considering how your solution can help.  It’s what allows the sales process to naturally take on a life of it’s own.  It’s what allows your call to action be perceived as a once in a life-time opportunity, rather than another gimmicky sales pitch.

But here’s the bad news.  There’s not too many ways to cut corners when it comes to branding yourself.  People who swear by their accountant or plumber are able to do so through an extensive track record of good experiences.  Their character, competence, and the quality of their work is what has won their loyalty.  Branding starts off incredibly slow, but like a steam engine, once it starts building momentum, it becomes an unstoppable force that keeps propelling your business to new heights.

There are some things you can definitely do to speed up the process.  Connecting with people on a personal level outside of business is a big one.  I’ve seen even the worst local businesses be given second and third chances simply because they had the relationship going for them.  That’s a buffer of safety you simply don’t get as a click ad trying to appeal to people’s 9 second attention span.

There’s a reason so many business owners join their local Chamber of Commerce, or Rotary Foundation.  Relationship is the ultimate form of branding that can potentially open you up to entire streams of referrals.

There are other methods that have proven extremely effective which are topics for another discussion.  If you’re in a business or program where you could use some help branding yourself, feel free to follow along on our page where we continue to cover this topic.

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