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benefits of a stock market crash

All I Want for Christmas is a Stock Market Crash……

There are some benefits of a stock market crash. People get so mad at me when I tell them I enjoy stock market crashes. But why would you get mad at anybody who wants something to go on sale? After all, it’s not my fault if you overpaid for your TV, your car, your house,…

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best retirement plan

Why Savvy Investors Prefer Roth IRAs

Are you looking for the best retirement plan? People always ask me about what the best retirement account is. There are actually many different types of retirement accounts that you can have access to depending on your employment or business set up. For example employees who work for private employers may be eligible for a…

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best ways to make passive income

Passive Income: The easy way or the hard way!

If I watch one more pyramid scheme internet marketer spam my inbox about effortless passive income, I’m going to flip my lid. Even if you are talented and motivated enough to build your network up to the point of passive income, the intense effort and time you have to put in up front is anything…

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why is diversification important in investing

Smart Diversification Vs. Dumb Diversification

Most investors understand the logic behind diversification. But not all forms of diversification are created equal. Imagine you’re back in elementary school, you’re in gym class, and you’ve been nominated the captain of your dodge ball team. Which kids do you think you would pick to be on your team? Would you just pick people…

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buying low then selling high

Buy Low Sell High

Buying low then selling high is a basic strategy. If I get one more spam message about why I should be buying bitcoin, I won’t hold back on how totally backwards their logic is.  Think about it.  If somebody says you should by anything because it’s at an all-high, why would you think that’s a…

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Investing vs Gambling how to identify ideal investments

Investing vs. Gambling

Do you have an idea on how to identify ideal investments? I just got back from Las Vegas, and it inspired me to dig into why gambling and investing are so completely different. I’m not much of a gambler, but on occasion I will blow some fun money at the roulette table, or on slots.…

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Determining if the market is cheap or expensive

Determining if the market is cheap or expensive

Determining if the market is cheap or expensive is one of the things that every investor should learn. It’s not too difficult to tell when something we buy regularly is on sale or overpriced.  If we see Filet Mignon for $4.00 a pound, it’s probably a pretty good deal.  If we see it for $14.00…

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Is the market overpriced sources of passive income

Is the market overpriced?

Getting your sources of passive income requires a lot of knowledge. The question of whether the market is overpriced is a topic of endless discussion.  According to the Efficient Market Theory, which is the basis for mainstream investment advice, there market is always efficiently priced based on all available information.  So if you believe in…

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Good vs Bad Investments sure thing investments

Good vs Bad Investments

You want to know what the sure thing investments are? I hear it all the time. “Gold is the best investment” or “Real Estate is the best investment”, or “stocks are too risky”.  People love to talk about investments as though they are feelings or recipes.  They assign these general labels to something, but never…

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Risk and Leverage investment risk

Risk and Leverage

Investment risk is real. Looking back at the election, one of the major topics of discussion was Donald Trump’s history of bankruptcies.  It was common to hear him criticized as a lousy investor based on the number of ventures he’s had which have gone to bankruptcy.  And to some degree that may be true.  This…

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