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The Power of Adaptation push your limits

The Power of Adaptation

What do you think occurs each time you work out in the gym? How do you push your limits? You go in, and you mentally prepare yourself for the coming discomfort, and then you push forward challenging your muscles, heart, lungs.  You’re forcing your body to endure an effort outside of its usual output in…

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there’s more to life than money

There’s more to life than money….

Imagine what the world would be like if people spent money according to the values they claimed to stand for. There’s more to life than money.  I see people complain about how Wal-Mart treats their employees, and then do their shopping there.  I see them complain about outsourcing jobs, and then buy from the business…

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how to achieve financial freedom

Wealth Doesn’t Happen By Accident….

Everyone wants to know how to achieve financial freedom. Warren Buffet says that you should make yourself an expense. Robert Kiyosaki recommends paying yourself first.  Think about how that compares to what the average middle class person lives their life.  Paying the government, the bank, and the schools and having almost nothing left over to…

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business and personal relationships

A Match Made in Heaven

Business and personal relationships have some similarities. I often compare business to relationships not because they are equally important, but because many of the habits that bring success in one area also do in the other.  For example, being with the person you truly love will create a more beautiful and longer lasting relationship.  Being…

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Is the market overpriced sources of passive income

Is the market overpriced?

Getting your sources of passive income requires a lot of knowledge. The question of whether the market is overpriced is a topic of endless discussion.  According to the Efficient Market Theory, which is the basis for mainstream investment advice, there market is always efficiently priced based on all available information.  So if you believe in…

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EGO Broke control your ego

EGO = Broke

Do you know how to control your ego? One of my mentors described the ego as a self-image people buy into in order to protect themselves from becoming their deepest fears.  For example, someone who fears being insignificant will portray himself as a big shot.  Someone who fears scarcity may become cheap and greedy.   The…

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The Win-Win Outcome online marketing

The Win-Win Outcome

Anybody can make a quick dollar stringing somebody along until they fork over their money.  Online marketing in particular is riddled with “Done-For-You” programs that indulge the idea that you can make more money than you can possibly imagine without using one brain cell, or bringing one sliver of value to the market. It’s the…

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Stop Bashing Your Job job is important

Stop Bashing Your Job: Your Job is Important

Do you know that having a job is important? Financial freedom…..the idea of retiring early, setting your own hours, and FIRING YOUR BOSS.  It’s a beautiful vision that inspires entrepreneurs and investors alike to stay on their uncertain path towards success.  It’s a great goal to have……once you’ve earned it that is. For some reason,…

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how to raise capital for investment

10 Ways of how to raise capital for investment…..

Let’s talk about how to raise capital for your investment. One of the most frustrating things about learning how to invest, is knowing what to do with your money…..but not having any!  That was my experience. I crammed books, and courses into my brain. And it got me so excited knowing what to do once…

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what is compounding wealth passive sources of income

What is Compounding Wealth?

Explaining how powerful compounding wealth can be one of the most difficult tasks for me as an investment coach. Getting good passive sources of income requires patience. Desperate investors tend to be short sited, always trying to see what they can make in 6 months or a year.  They don’t realize that the way compounding wealth…

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