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Which one should you put more attention on, effort or effectiveness? I hear a lot of working class people come up with all different ways of determining what they should be paid.  I hear people talk about the time they put in, or the effort they put in, or even that they are entitled to a minimum income simply for being employed somewhere.  And those factors certainly do play a part in what type of income you should be generating.  But what usually seems to be left out of the equation is how much of an impact they made by putting in the time and the effort.

effort or effectivenessWhen many people grow dissatisfied with their pay, they’ll account for their time, their seniority, their effort, their education.  These are all things that describe their first-hand experience.  In reality what they’re saying is that they are owed compensation for their suffering or sacrifice.  It completely ignores how much value all of that translates into somebody else’s life.

Time is NOT money……

You should put this term right out of your mind forever.  It puts you in a horrible mindset.  The only TIME “time is money” is when your only means of generating income is showing up to a job.  And you have to realize that the reason that job exists is to perform a function in an overall system that……… creates value for other people.  And if you don’t do your job well, it doesn’t matter how much time you spend there.  If your time doesn’t translate to some profitable end result, then your time isn’t worth anything.


Effort is NOT an excuse to get paid……

Do you know what takes a whole lot of effort?  Running into brick walls over and over again.  If you spent 8 hours a day doing that, you would be bruised, bloodied, and winded.  It takes a whole lot of effort, and accomplishes a whole lot of nothing.  There are many employees who just “show up for a paycheck.”  They run on two cylinders, go through motions, and count down the clock to escape as soon as possible.  They may be good at keeping busy, but if their effort doesn’t translate into profitable end result, how can you say they are entitled to an income?



Rich people are notorious for being called lazy, cheap, and greedy.  Huge assumptions are often made about financially successful people.  But the bottom line is that all that money comes from somewhere.  Somewhere along the line, that person most likely came up with an idea, or financed a venture that solved a big problem for a lot of people.

Automobiles, airplanes, cellphones, computers, social media, medical treatments, industrial equipment.  Innovations that transformed the way the world gets things done.  These are all ideas that solved big problems, and opened all new possibilities.  And the thing is, the market doesn’t care about how much time it took to create or how much effort went into building it.  They care about one thing……WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME?

Here’s the beautiful thing about capitalism.  The more relevant, effective, and useful your idea is, the more the market is willing to pay for it.  In other words, the highest paid people in the world aren’t the ones that think about what they’re entitled to.  They’re the ones that care more about what their customers need, want, and think than letting their own preconceptions get in the way.

Now I’m not saying hard work, time, and sacrifice shouldn’t be rewarded.  But none of that means anything if those virtues aren’t being used towards fulfilling a worthwhile mission.  It’s all about attitude.  Focus not on what your job can do for you, but what you can do for the customers your employer serves.

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