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EGO = Broke

Do you know how to control your ego? One of my mentors described the ego as a self-image people buy into in order to protect themselves from becoming their deepest fears.  For example, someone who fears being insignificant will portray himself as a big shot.  Someone who fears scarcity may become cheap and greedy.   The ego is weakness trying to disguise itself as strength.  And unfortunately, it’s a cheap disguise that seems to fool no one except the person who has it.

EGO Broke control your egoDid you know that men tend to outperform their male counterparts both in network marketing and investing?  Not to go off on a tangent about gender, but IN GENERAL, women tend to be more empathetic than men.  They can set their needs aside and listen to the experiences of another human being more readily a man will.  And there’s no surprise with the many societal expectations placed on men.  Everything from being a provider, to being a leader, to even being the one who pays for dates, men are expected to have a surplus of cash in the dynamic.  And when they don’t, society will often refer to them as lazy deadbeats.  Not fair,  but that’s why many men bring so much EGO into their pursuit of money.

“Me Tarzan, You Jane…..”

Here’s why men stink with money….they care WAY TOO MUCH about how much they impress other people.  Nine time out of ten, when I get spammed, men come across as some sort of hot shot mogul who want to save me from my pathetic existence.  “ I make 5 billion % an hour.  How much do you make?”   It’s so over the top, and so much about them that nobody is going to take them seriously.  The scale so high on the bullshit meter that they make people lose their appetites, never mind build any sort of rapport. That’s why you have to control your ego.

Women on the other hand are naturals when it comes to being decent human beings.  They have the rare capability to show interest in what other people are doing, and to be excited and happy for other people’s achievements.  It’s amazing how much more people like you when you actually show genuine enthusiasm about who they are.

And forget investing.  Women aren’t generally interested in getting rich overnight.  They aren’t trying to impress their friends or the opposite sex with their portfolio or there over the top lifestyle.  While men are day trading, speculating, and making really awful decisions, women are consistent, disciplined, and patient in their investments…..which is why they tend to win.

I’m a man, and I’d like to think I don’t fit the mold. But the statistics are what they are. For me, it is essential to control your ego. You can either let your ego get in the way of what I’m actually trying to say, or you can learn what works.  It’s not about being a man or a woman.  It’s about controlling your ego, putting other people first, and letting success mean more to you than impressing people.  Anyone can have an ego.  And anyone can overcome it.  It’s all about what’s more important to you.

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