Standing your ground

Enough is enough…

If you’re on the entrepreneurial path long enough, you’ll start to notice that there is an incredible amount of emphasis on staying inspired. Quotes, memes, rallies, and inspirational stories are constantly circulating within these financial freedom communities.

What don’t you want?

But almost every incredibly successful investor or entrepreneur I have ever known had their defining moment when they couldn’t stand the pain any more.  They were slowly reaching a boiling point as they went through life feeling completely powerless, and totally desperate for change.

My mentor survived Vietnam only to come back to a scarce living as a homeless river guide living in a tent.  Robert Kiyosaki loves to tell the story of how he and his wife were down to their last $50.00 that they spent on a hotel room and a bucket of fried chicken. One of my mentors once said that part of becoming clear on what you do want, is to become clear on what you truly don’t want.  What have you been tolerating that is completely unacceptable in your life?

How will you move forward?

George Bernard Shaw once said “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

So the question is, how much are you willing to take before the person you truly wish to be emerges to says “Enough is enough.”?  Maybe it bothers you that your day care is raising your children.  Maybe it’s the bucket list you’ll regret never completing.  Maybe you feel like you have gift that could be shared, or a job that you can’t stand.  For many of us, we’re just sick of depriving ourselves of all the amazing experiences this life has to offer.

I really have absolutely no idea what your pain is.  It’s incredibly personal for each and every one of us.  But I honestly believe the secret to experience real fulfillment in life is to stop and just be honest with ourselves.  “Know thine own self” as Shakespeare would put it.

A moment of realization

My defining moment was actually kind of silly. It was after I had already dropped out of college, and was working as a waiter in Applebees.  I had already been carrying around a huge inferiority complex, and was at that dark stage where I was blaming all of my circumstances for my shortcomings in life.  If I met myself from 10 years ago, I’d probably laugh.

Anyway, I was still with my ex-girlfriend, and her cat who I absolutely loved got incredibly sick.  For anyone who’s an animal lover, you know that they’re like a part of your family.  So we took this cat to the vet, and we found the solution to our loved one’s problem was about $5,000.00.  And guess what…..we didn’t have it.  Just putting the cat to sleep was expensive.  That’s when it hit me.  If I don’t improve my ability to make money, I will keep missing out on the opportunities to make a difference for those I truly care about.

Seems silly if you’re not a cat person.  But let me tell you, every time since then when I haven’t been able to come through for somebody I cared about, for somebody who desperately needed that support, it strengthened my resolve.

So here’s the point I want to drive home.  Inspiration is icing on the cake.  It’s great to experience and even better to pass it on to others.  But the only thing that’s going to give you an unstoppable desire to succeed is pain.  The truly successful are forged by the obstacles they overcome.

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