entrepreneurs are far richer than scammers

Why Entrepreneurs Are Far Richer Than Scammers…

There are good reasons why entrepreneurs are far richer than scammers. It never really made sense to me why a scammer would choose to live life the way they do. Forget the moral bankruptcy involved with hurting your fellow man for a quick buck. It’s actually a financially inferior business model.

entrepreneurs are far richer than scammers

Scammers are small time…..

When you scam somebody into handing over their money in order to receive a promise you can’t deliver, or to partake in a concept that won’t work, you are taking a little money up front by leaving huge amounts of long-term money on the table. As a scammer, you have to constantly find new suckers who haven’t yet learned who you really are. And in the process, you’re burning bridge after bridge, racking up enemies along the way.

Meanwhile, if you managed to do something good for these people, and impact their life in a positive way, they more than likely would do repeated business with you. Investors and Entrepreneurs get this. In their mind, it’s a consistently growing network loyal to your reputation that creates greater and greater streams of income flowing to you.


Reputation leads to true wealth….

Imagine that in year 1 you affect 10 people in a positive way. They love you for it. Not only will they likely do business for you for years to come. But they feel comfortable bringing all of their friends over to you. They trust you, and know that you’ll take good care of all the referrals they bring you.

The scammer may make ten times more money up front, but then they have to close up shop and start all over again. Meanwhile the entrepreneur has sustained his relationships. He or she now has sources of REPEATED sales. They now an asset that generates repeated referrals. AND NOBODYS IS PUTTING OUT WARNINGS TO AVOID YOU.

The Scammer makes their job harder and harder hoping to keep up their charade as long as possible. But the Entrepreneur’s job gets easier and easier as time goes on. Their network, referrals, and recurring sales continue to increase year after year.

In five or ten years, not only have you made the same money out of a relationship as the scammer has. But you probably have ten times the relationships that are also generating income for you.

Are you promoting a scam or a business?

Sometimes good people get sucked into some pretty bad ideas. The head scammer creates such a captivating image of what your life will be life once you build your “business.” You become so obsessed with reaching your goals that you buy into everything you’re hearing. And once that happens, you feel totally compelled to contact every person you can think of to join your “opportunity.”

AND THEN BOOM! The scammer made their money. At least they got paid for selling their soul. Meanwhile, they’ve tarnished your reputation along with your own, and you probably didn’t even make that much. Now you have ruined relationships. People who could have been great colleagues going into business now keep their distance from you. Some of them will probably even bad mouth you. And just like the scammer, you have to start all over again.

When you decide to refer people to anything, remember the golden rule…….It’s not about you. It’s about them. Have you put your own butt on the line long enough to safely say that something is legit? Have you been patient in doing your homework and testing before bringing somebody else’s money into the equation? If you haven’t, then you’ve now entered into your own scam. You’ve made the decision that you’re willing to recklessly put somebody else at risk in order to make your money. And if the business you’ve just joined requires you to operate this way…….that probably means it’s not a business at all. It just another pyramid scheme, or a hit and run operation.

Real businesses are built on VALUE. Something that the person receives in DIRECT EXCHANGE for their payment. A legitimate business has substance. Has something that provides worth whether they refer new members or not. And if that’s really the case, there should be no rush or sense of urgency to refer people until you’ve tested the water for yourself.

So remember to take the high road. Remember what Warren Buffet says. “It takes a lifetime to build a reputation, and only an instant to destroy it.” Tread carefully and keep your conscience clean in your pursuit of success.

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