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Are You Feeling “House Poor”?

Do you want to sell your house fast? One of the hardest times of my life was when my wife and I had overextended ourselves to start our business. My wife had quit work to get her real estate license. I was still working a job and a business just to pay our bare necessities. My little girl had daycare costs, and we tried to scrape enough money together to get her into dance class. She lives for it.

And it always frustrated me that just when I got all my bills covered for the month, something would come up with our house. A leaky roof, a burst pipe, and busted dishwasher, faulty wiring. It felt like I was taking 2 steps forward, 10 steps back.

A house is only an asset when you can afford to keep up with the inevitable repairs that need to be done. Sometimes the needs of the house need to be put on the backburner when you’re worried about putting food on the table. And unfortunately, a house that doesn’t get the repairs it can start to fall apart, adding even more of a demand on your paycheck.

sell your house fast

Downsizing can be a smart move……

Nobody likes to admit that they bit off more than they can chew. We certainly did. It was most definitely a financial mistake to stick with a house that we just couldn’t afford. We started falling further behind on badly needed repairs, and then we started to miss payments. We felt so embarrassed. And more than anything…. WE FELT STUCK IN NO-WIN SITUATION.

It wasn’t until we downsized that we could finally breathe. We could finally get caught up on our debt, and our saving, so that we could start to build a better life again. We wanted to teach out daughter to live within her means, and be responsible with money. There’s no way we could do that if she saw Mommy and Daddy trying to keep up with the Joneses.


Real Estate Investors to the rescue….

Real Estate Investors specialize in one thing. Finding creative solutions for No-Win situations. A good real estate investor can handle the repairs that have built up over time. They can handle the banks when it comes to missed payments. They can handle tax liens that would prevent you from selling your home. And they can close way faster when you need to get out of a property ASAP!

We at Surreal Property Solutions look for those difficult situations that scare most people away. We strive for Win-Win outcomes. We relieve sellers, and get the property back up to speed for the community.

Speaking as somebody who’s been there, and has needed to be rescued myself, I now love it when we can help other struggling families hit the reset button, so they can start to feel hope again.

If you’re in a tough housing situation, and you need to get a fresh start, please call me.

Herbert A. Koehler

(631) 605-7727

If you have a property anywhere on Long Island, NY, we will get over there to assess the situation. And we will get you an offer ASAP!

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