how to find free money

How to Find Free Money….

Of course, everyone wants to know how to find free money.Did you know you can rent money? That’s what a loan is.  And the cost to borrow that money is charged as interest.  But here’s the cool thing about money.  The bank doesn’t charge you interest as the cost of borrowing it.  It charges you interest to outpace inflation.  You see, if money isn’t accruing around 3% interest annually, then it’s actually decaying due to to find free moneySo when I talk about free money, what I’m talking about is money where you can keep your interest under 3%……actually 0%.

Stop Being Afraid of Credit Cards

Believe it or not, credit cards can be one of the best sources of borrowing money.  The reason being is that there are so many out there with introductory periods at 0% interest. Sometimes the periods last a year or more.

This is actually how my wife and I got our real estate business started.  We had to incur a lot of costs for entity creation, website development, marketing, systems, analysis, and consulting.  It cost us approximately $30,000.00.  At the time, we didn’t have that.

We used some of our own capital, but a big chunk was charged to an interest deferred credit card.  Luckily I had stellar credit, and was able to raise about $28,000.00 in approved credit cards in a single day.  All of them gave me a year of 0% interest.  In other words, free money.  Not free in the sense that you don’t have to pay it back.  But free in the sense that it didn’t cost you anything to borrow it.  In actuality, you pay back less than you originally borrowed because by the end of the year, the dollar is worth about 3% less.

Getting Strategic with Debt

I know what you’re thinking.  What if you still have debt left after the end of the year.  Well here’s a really nifty trick that I did.  When I knew that my interest deferment period was coming up, I just went down to my local credit union, and told them I’m looking for a personal loan to consolidate my debt.  They ran my credit which was still strong, and approved me for a $20K loan at 10% interest.

But wait, it gets even better.  Once those credit cards got paid off with the loan money, they started telling me that I may qualify for new interest deferment periods if I transfer my balance over.  So I call them up, and asked them for balance rollover checks that I could write out to my lenders.  They made them available in my bank that day.  I wrote one check out to my credit union, paid off my personal loan, an put my debt back on my cards with a new interest deferment period.

I plan to rinse and repeat until the debt dwindles down to zero.  But I don’t feel too pressured because it’s not costing me anything extra to take my time paying off the loan. That means I can stick to the minimum payment and put more of my money into strategies that actually grow my capital.

Pretty cool huh?

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