business and personal relationships

A Match Made in Heaven

Business and personal relationships have some similarities. I often compare business to relationships not because they are equally important, but because many of the habits that bring success in one area also do in the other.  For example, being with the person you truly love will create a more beautiful and longer lasting relationship.  Being in the business you love will have the same effect.  In contrast, rushing into a relationship in order to satisfy an insecurity is likely to create major issues down the road.  The same goes for business.

business and personal relationships

In both areas, feeling fulfilled will make it easier to stay committed.  In both areas having fun will energize you and affect how you interact.  In both areas, love will see you through the tough times, and grow deeper in the good times.  We’re emotional human beings, and we have needs both in our relationships, and our walk in life.


Doomed to Fail….

We’ve all seen that person that doesn’t know how to be happy.  They hop from relationship to relationship hoping to fill the void.  They poison the relationship with insatiable insecurities they bring to the table.  They can never feel secure enough, They can never feel significant enough.  The grow bitter and resentful when their own issues start to drown out the joy they hoped to achieve in the relationship.


People don’t always go into business for the right reasons either.  For many, impressing their family and peers is more important than making good decisions.  Some Entrepreneurs run their businesses into the ground funding and ego driven lifestyle.  Some feel so defined by their business that they can’t detach from it, and let the rest of their life fall apart.


A strong business is like a strong relationship.  It can’t be based on covering up deep rooted pain.  It won’t last, and neither will you.


Happily Ever After….

Love, hope, gratitude, and self-accountability.  They sustain relationships. They’ll give you an edge in your business.  The best entrepreneurs grow a business from a strong desire to make their vision reality. They seek joy in the path as much as the outcome.  They appreciate where they are even though they choose to push forward.  They admit to their mistakes knowing that it’s in the best interest of their goals.


You have to ask yourself what sort of relationship you’re willing to settle for.  You better have high standards for the type of business you’re going to commit to.


This Post is dedicated to Jonathan Reed.  A beautiful person and entrepreneur who can now rest.

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