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Online Marketing…….The Final Frontier

Over the past year I’ve been transitioning from more traditional business models in the stock market, to learning the industry of online marketing.  With almost no barriers to entry, and minimal government oversight, this industry is a breeding ground for both brilliant pioneers with incredible new ideas to be freely marketed, as well as the more unscrupulous characters, scam artists, and overnight experts.

But one thing I’ve noticed about this industry is that a very large percentage of online entrepreneurs seem to have tunnel vision, only giving consideration to ventures within the realm of online marketing.  From revshares, to MLM, to affiliate marketing, many of these entrepreneurs diversify themselves through selling multiple programs.  However they often remain unaware of the other areas of business and investing that they may benefit them.

Diversify your assets

Part of being truly diversified means that you have developed profitable strategies in various classes of assets.  The greatest investors in the world like Warren Buffet have holdings in stocks, real estate, private businesses, and commodities.  With the exception of the occasional Forex or Bitcoin program, there is very little discussed in terms of building an overall wealth plan which includes these various assets.

There are other topics of business which remain largely under discussed including proper entity formation, insurance, and tax strategy.  Much of the traditional business rules seem forgotten when coming over to the internet world.  Concepts like joint ventures, referral kickbacks, and proper business etiquette are frequently neglected.

I may be sounding very negative about the industry, but in fact these observations could be taken as a golden opportunity.  Much of what works in small, local, and traditional business could be a cutting edge way to gain a competitive advantage in the online industry.

We’re already seeing some evidence showing itself.  Women who tend to naturally be more social, patient, and empathetic tend to outperform their male counterparts in any sort of networking related business.  (They also tend to outperform males in the stock market).

In addition, online veterans who are making any sort of money in the industry will tell you that the majority of people just don’t get it.  There’s a 97% failure rate.

How to stand out above the crowd

So here’s the take away.  Perhaps it’s time that more online entrepreneurs view doing business online just as they would if they started a restaurant or a landscaping company.  Developing relationships before business is discussed, and catering to your customer’s demands rather than convincing them why you know best could truly help out the online entrepreneur who’s trying to stand out.

Not sure where to begin?  Feel free to take a look at how we approach building an overall wealth plan for long term growth.

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