positive thinking vs critical thinking passive income strategies

Positive Thinking vs. Critical Thinking

Executing your passive income strategies requires a proper mindset. Never before has the focus on mindset become so prevalent in the world of business and finance.  Even as we speak, we are emerging from an era that held strong religious guidelines which heavily governed our beliefs about what the mind, the soul, and consciousness truly are. However now with increased diversity in the business community, many new ideas are being circulated and applied in order to give the modern entrepreneur the edge.

positive thinking vs critical thinking passive income strategies

We’re seeing mindset gurus like Tony Robbins rise to new heights.  Concepts like the law of attraction, visualization, perpetual gratitude, and quantum physics become more and more engrained in the business community, and business training.


It’s incredibly important.  Regardless of whether you believe these concepts to be useful metaphors to optimize our neurology, or you believe that we truly affect how the universe brings opportunity into our lives, the bottom line is that entrepreneurs who skip these steps seldom last long (assuming they even get started.)  So I whole heartedly advocate meditation, prayer, visualizations, affirmations, and practices of gratitude.


However, it’s only part of the equation…….


Inspiration isn’t enough….

You can do everything described above every hour of every day, and it won’t bring you success. Putting your passive income strategies into place needs more than just inspiration. Positive programming is what primes the mind.  It’s the warm up that keeps you from pulling a mental muscle.  It’s what gets the energy flowing in a way where you can get far more out of searching, learning, and taking action towards building success.


BUT, people have a tendency to get hooked on the feelings.  They lose track of why they were searching for this energetic edge to begin with.  And you’ll see it on their social media pages. Quotes, memes, and ambiguous statuses about positivity and living life to the fullest.


You have to know when it’s time to stop warming up, and start getting to the actual workout.


Strategic Thinking….

The best entrepreneurs and investors on the planet place more emphasis on learning and action than they do on summoning their energetic edge.  It is important, and the best business people, never skip the step.  But once you’re there you have to get into the meat and potatoes of what’s actually going to carry your venture forward.


That can be studiously researching a new investment or marketing strategy.  That could be rehearsing your sales presentation, or looking through a thousand potential investment properties.  That could be catching up on bookkeeping, and streamlining your financial habits.  That could be simply picking up the phone, and making those calls until you get your very first sale.


Even living the self-actualization dream still requires tasks we find less than desirable, and periods where we may just have to go through the motions.  This is where real learning, critical thinking skills, and vital clarity start to build momentum.  You have to dive into the trenches.  Necessity is the mother of all invention, and there is simply a level of growth you cannot achieve simply reading memes about confidence.


What are you currently hesitating on?

Did you pick up the phone today?  Did you come up with an operating procedure for your business? How would you put your passive income strategies into place? Did you apply a new investment strategy today? How  Did you replace your assumptions with the tedious due diligence that needs to happen?


What separates the wannabes from the truly successful is really quite simple.  They get to the actual work.  You’d be how much more that does for your beliefs than simply pumping yourself up with hopeful gestures.


Stop warming up and get to the workout already!

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