Stop Bashing Your Job job is important

Stop Bashing Your Job: Your Job is Important

Do you know that having a job is important? Financial freedom…..the idea of retiring early, setting your own hours, and FIRING YOUR BOSS.  It’s a beautiful vision that inspires entrepreneurs and investors alike to stay on their uncertain path towards success.  It’s a great goal to have……once you’ve earned it that is.

Stop Bashing Your Job job is importantFor some reason, a lot of entrepreneurs think that the moment that they started any sort of venture, they’re suddenly in some higher class of society that can spout about how everyone still working a 9 -5 job is a dismal testament to one’s failure in life…….even though they are probably making more money than the entrepreneurs is.

There’s a difference between pursuing that goal, and deluding yourself into think you’re already there just because you made your first $20.00 in your venture.  And it’s even worse when you do it to portray the image that you’re living the laptop lifestyle.  Most people who do this are living “their mom’s basement lifestyle.”


Hard Work Deserves Respect…….

Most successful investors either held a job that funded the acquisition of their assets.  Most successful entrepreneurs started a business on the side, and kept their job to help them whether the learning curve.  Your job can be extremely vital when it comes to getting off the ground.  So you might want to consider being grateful that you have one.

And in spite of all the financial freedom messages out there preaching that everyone can be their own boss, it’s just not true.  Some people are cut out for it.  That’s why having a job is important. Others aren’t.  And who the heck would want to work for the business owner who walks around thinking their better than everyone else anyway.


Be Grateful For A Good Job……

If you enjoy your job, and it pays you what you need to build your investments or your business, why would you be in any sort of rush to leave?  There are high paid executives, technicians, specialists, etc. that make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.  Meanwhile most entrepreneurs are in the red zone.  Who do you think is going to get ahead faster?

Whether you work in your own business, or you’re an employee, you tend not to get very far unless you can work as a team.  You don’t have to be the chief all the time.  Sometimes it makes sense to make somebody the face of the business that you actually call the shots in.

Also, there are numerous opportunities to be entrepreneurial within your job.  Being outgoing, ambitious, and establishing solid relationships with your employer’s management can often open up opportunities to create or expand new facets of the company. Facets that you can be your brain-child, and that you can lead the way in.  It’s called being an INTRAPRENEUR, and it’s another way to climb your way to the top.


Be True To Yourself….

If you enjoy your job, and it’s fueling your progress at an acceptable pace, then give it all you’ve got.   If you hate your job, rather than jumping off a cliff without a parachute, perhaps consider finding a new job that fits you better until your ventures can replace your income.  There are no rules for how soon you have to quit your job when going into business. Still, having a job is important.

And on the flip side, remember that the number one reason people go out of business is because they’re UNDER CAPITALIZED.  They run out of money before they ever break gravity.  And then you’re stuck trying to find any job you can just to recoup your losses.  So if you do plan on taking the leap, make sure you have at least a year of operating and living costs as a cushion. Having a job is important. It’s what will allow you to survive until you can thrive.


Regardless of whether you plan to work, or you plan to go into business for yourself, start building assets that will supplement your income over the long term. If you need any help, feel free to take a look at some of our signature strategies.

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