STOP FALLING FOR PONZI SCHEMES ways to avoid scams online


There are ways to avoid scams online. I can’t stand scrolling through my news feeds and seeing people hijack reputable quotes and faces to brand their hit-and-run operations. Every day I see Warren Buffet’s face promoting Bitcoin even though Warren doesn’t invest in Bitcoin. Every day I see a Mark Zuckerberg meme used to promote pyramid scheme even though he was a start-up entrepreneur who built an empire by providing direct value to his customer base. Every day I see quotes about being more positive in an effort to take other people’s money with no regard for what happens to them after that point. The line between marketing and fraud has become so blurred that half of these marketers don’t even realize that they’re operating like a criminal.STOP FALLING FOR PONZI SCHEMES ways to avoid scams online

It’s simple math….

If a business is in the business of recruiting people, then they are neglecting the most important concept in business…..NET PROFIT. I have news for you. If a business tells you that it can pay you ludicrous returns with no explanation as to where the money is coming from, then the money is coming from more memberships. If everyone is in a business to make money….then nobody is planning to spend it for very long. And that’s the problem. The moment a program isn’t growing like wild fire, the members start falling like dominos all the way back to the top. The only ones who’ve made their money are the ones at the very top. I’m sure you’ve seen this before.

A business is sustainable when the majority of the customers want the product MORE THAN THEY WANT MONEY. It costs me $1.00 to make my product, and I sell it for $2.00. Meanwhile, scammers are telling you that they make a product for $5.00, pay you $4.00, and keep a $1.00 for themselves. If you’re reading this, I implore you to wake up and realize that the people who really make money in on-line business are the ones that get compensated directly for their value. Solo Ad providers get their money up front. Web designers get their money up front. Coaches get their money up front. Referral fees are just a bonus. NOT THE BACKBONE OF A BUSINESS.

Stick to your passions….

Stop selling your common sense and your sense of purpose for an easy dollar. You won’t stand out, you won’t last, and you probably won’t make any real money. Learn the best ways to avoid scams online. If you are marketing for somebody else’s product or service, make sure it matches what you love in life. And make sure you find a program that you don’t have to pay for much for in order to join. A business should be grateful that they found a passionate representative that will promote their business. They shouldn’t be TAXING you for it. There are a number of affiliate programs you can find that simply pay you directly for purchases made through your affiliate link.

And If you have it in you to start your own business, then go for it. You will have infinitely more drive and passion sharing your own creation rather than copying and pasting some sales pitch that everyone else is using.

Stay true to yourself and honest with other people. Use rationality in how you decide to run your business. Know what you’re worth and only do business with those willing to pay for it. It will be the best move you ever made.

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