The Power of Adaptation push your limits

The Power of Adaptation

What do you think occurs each time you work out in the gym? How do you push your limits? You go in, and you mentally prepare yourself for the coming discomfort, and then you push forward challenging your muscles, heart, lungs.  You’re forcing your body to endure an effort outside of its usual output in order to create trauma.  Your stressed muscles are actually damaged slightly during the workout. And that’s exactly what stimulates the adaptive response.  The damage tells your body not only to heal, but to improve itself for the next time you face the same challenge.

The Power of Adaptation push your limitsThere are also numerous studies which show that one’s mental capacity is expanded and maximized when used for periods of prolonged mental effort.  LEARNING stresses the brain as exercise stresses the body.  And as a response you adapt to be better each time.

Burn Your Boats….

Your body is designed to be lazy. It wants to keep you as lazy as possible in order to conserve energy.  It doesn’t want to spare the resources to necessary for your brain and body to function at a higher level.  It wants you to be a half-conscious couch potato.  You have to expose your body to stress in order for it to finally adapt to your circumstances.

In business, part of the reason people fail, quit, or never even get started is because they’re just way too comfortable.  It’s easier for them to forget their troubles by watching TV, going to the bar, or overspending.  They just kick the can down the road for the sake of being comfortable in the moment.

Meanwhile the strongest entrepreneurs I’ve ever met with the best stories that shaped their life powerfully adapted amidst a breaking point. If you’ve heard there stories, you would realize that you should learn to push your limits Many of the first generation millionaires and billionaires alive today can share with you that moment in which they were either going to lose everything, or turn things around.  They had to make it work.  There was nowhere for them to run back to.

That’s how my wife and I pushed forward in our business.  We were new onto an extremely competitive real estate market.  We were constantly getting outbid on deals because we didn’t have the capital, or the handyman skills that a lot of our competitors did.  We had already invested over $30,000.00 in credit card debt just to get the education, and we were losing hope with no deals in site.  But it forced us to adapt.  It activated new ways of thinking and coping that we never could have attained in our comfort zones.  And it gave is the creativity to find our very own solutions to our problems. You just have to push your limits.

Fast forward, now we’re able to be more competitive in buying investment properties AND we found a way to help our friends and family share in the profits the real estate industry has to offer.  I had to take what I was good at, and make it a win-win situation in order to move my own progress forward.

So the moral of the story is this.  When you’re at your breaking point, saying “How can I” instead of “I can’t” is what will define your life.  Breaking points can become breakthroughs depending on how you respond to them.

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