focus on your goals

Vision, Missions, Goals, and Tasks….

Do you have focus on your goals? If you asked me the easiest way to predict of whether somebody will fulfill their dreams, I would say it boils down to one simple trait…….FOCUS. An unwavering obsession for reaching your dream destination. They have a saying that the rich plan for generations, and the poor plan for Saturday night. I see so many gifted and talented people go in circles because they are missing this one key ingredient.

focus on your goals


I’m certainly not the first to use this example, but imagine you were planning a trip from New York to Los Angeles. Do you think you would make it there is quickly and efficiently as possible by “figuring it out as you go.”? Or would you map out a route that took you from start to finish?

Well, most people are tossing the map. They are winging it one street at a time. And it’s no surprise that a lot of these folks wind up lost, nowhere, or even going in the completely opposite direction.

The Power of Reverse Engineering….

It seems like such a simple question to ask where somebody wants to wind up in 10 or 20 years. But most people don’t have any clarity about it at all. They say things like “I’d like to retire.” or “I’d like to have more money.” or “I’d like to move some place a little warmer.”

The problem is that the human mind doesn’t pursue vague. It’s like saying I think I’ll go on vacation somewhere this summer? If your destination is “somewhere” you haven’t really pinpointed what’s going to be on your itinerary, where you’ll book your hotel, or what route you’ll be taking. Vague goals are nothing more than incomplete thoughts that often lead to incomplete lives.

Figure Out Your “WHY”…..

One of the most valuable strategies I ever learned to keep me on track was to not just ask myself “Why” once, but to ask myself “Why” 8 TIMES!

This is a process of discovering your most personal reasons for succeeding. It works like this. You ask yourself what you want in the future and then you ask “Why is that important to me?”…..and then you ask yourself “Why is that important to me?”….and so on, and so on. This is a writing assignment you should be doing as soon as you’re done reading this. Put some thought into it.

I’m willing to bet that once you answer yourself 8 times, it will give you an incredible amount of detail. What do you love? What do you hate? Who is incredibly important to you in your life? What brings you fulfillment? What type of legacy you want to leave behind? This process creates so much clarity about your end destination that it starts to give you a crystal clear VISION of where you absolutely must get to……

Vision is your Destination……

Your vision will be built upon the answers to all of your whys. It will be constructed out of what you love, what you hate, what will bring you the most fulfillment, and what will have the most impact on those you care about most deeply. You will have gone from going on vacation “somewhere” to finding your very own all inclusive resort on your very own paradise island. It’s your own personal crystal clear vision for your future……and now we have to plan a route…….with a MISSION…..

Mission is your Travel Plan……

Once you know where you want to visit, then you must start considering the details of the trip? WHEN do I want to arrive? HOW do I want to get there? WHAT do I need to bring with me? WHO will need to travel with me? HOW MUCH is the cost of getting there?

A well planned mission considers all of these variables. That’s why a mission statement tends to encompass all the necessary details. For example, a personal mission statement may go as follows….

“My mission is to retire by age 50(when) with my wife and daughter totally financially free (who). I will accomplish this by starting a real estate investment business (how), and building up my net worth to $10 million (how much).

A mission statement answers all the BIG QUESTIONS, so that you can now start drawing out your exact route…….GOALS…..

GOALS are your GPS…..

I recommend that you break your goals into 3 levels. Long-term goals should be 5 years or more. Short-term goals should be 1 to 5 years out. And then there the DAILY TASKS, those pesky little promises you make to yourself that you have to get accomplished NO MATTER WHAT!

Long-term goals should be where you want to be 5 or 10 years out. How much money you will have? What type of lifestyle you’ll be living? How many hours will be working in your ventures? The size of those ventures? These are big goals.

Short-term goals should be the steps that go from where you are now to where you need to be in order to fulfil your long-term goals. If you have $0.00 dollars now, and you want $10,000,000.00 in 10 years, set yourself a schedule that shows the scale up process. The same goes for where your resources, your business, and your lifestyle is right now, and where you need to take it.

This may all seem kind of overwhelming. Except here is the most effective, most essential, most powerful part of setting and reaching goals……DAILY TASKS.


Daily tasks are ABSOLUTELY VITAL to creating actual, real, tangible transformation in your life. Those who talk but never do are stuck where they are because they do ZERO daily tasks to take them further. And in my opinion, somebody who does commit to their daily tasks has an astronomically higher chance of meeting our exceeding their long term goals.

Pick 3 tasks each day, write them down, and EXECUTE, EXECUTE, EXECUTE!!! They are the lifeblood of your transformation. It’s that simple. And the beautiful thing is that the moment you start doing this, is the moment you begin to notice that you’re no longer losing focus. You’re not longer being distracted by seemingly easier opportunities, or other distractions.

The bottom line is that you need to figure out your WHY, let is shape your vision, let that define your mission, let that define your goals, and let that trickle down to the exact actions you need to take this second in order to start fulfilling our dreams.

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I am a college drop out who found my passion as an investor. I love the many facets of finance, investing, and business. But even more than that, I love sharing what I learn with others.

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