overcoming business challenges

What Businesses Are Made Of…..

Overcoming business challenges is what every businessman should learn. Starting with your very first business can fill you with all sorts of emotions. You can feel overwhelmed when considering the massive amounts of knowledge you still have to learn. You can feel stressed about the money you’ve risked getting your business running. You can feel frustrated when the idea you thought was so great seems completely unappreciated by your target market. Fears, frustrations, and failures circulating in the back of your mind. It can make you feel like you’re wound so tight that you’ll pop if anything else goes wrong…..overcoming business challenges

Obstacles are the building blocks of your business……

Do you think a soldier becomes seasoned veteran by avoiding battle? Or do you think they test themselves, learn, and grow from their experience in the field? Who would you want fighting at your side? I’d choose the seasoned veteran.

Business owners who are focused on avoiding obstacles are like soldiers who never expect to see combat. They are more focused on staying safe than accomplishing the mission. Their resolve, experience, and skills all remain unpolished and ineffective. And eventually, when the battle arrives at their doorstep, they will fall because they didn’t immerse themselves in the battles they could win.

Obstacles create opportunities to strengthen your business….

When you spend that $1,000.00 on you first marketing campaign and you get zero sales from it, you have two choices……..Give up or get better.

When you lost a client because you couldn’t follow up quickly enough, you have two options………Give up or get better.

When you lose more money than you make in your first year of business, you have two paths…….Give up or get better.

Improving, tweaking, systemizing, and designing workarounds are the bones of your business. They are the hardened policies and systems that you put in place that support your entire business. They are foundation from which your business truly begins to launch itself. Overcoming business challenges is not that hard if you have the right resolve.

So if there’s one lesson to learn here, it’s this. Instead of trying to not rock the boat, jump right overboard and start learning how to swim.



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