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What is a Relationship Manager?

Do you know what they call high-level executive bankers?  Many times they’re referred to as relationship managers.  Not sales people, not bankers, but relationship managers.  Why do you think that is? How will it help you get passive streams of income?


The world of big business has been running on time-tested rules of business that still seem to elude many on-line businesses to this day.  In fact, even though network marketing is the very definition of a relationship based business model, the majority of marketers seem to make every attempt possible to bypass relationship building all together.

passive streams of income relationship manager trust

Sleazy Salespeople

Nothing sells in on-line business like the promise of passive and effortless money being generated from an automated business.  Paid traffic visits squeeze pages which register opt-ins on their autoresponders which are then bombarded with a series of sales pitches until your prospect either unsubscribes, or simply develops email ADHD.


The whole time, the work necessary to establish and maintain a relationship is left on the back burner except for the 3% of successful marketers that truly understand the industry.  And it doesn’t matter whether you’re in this industry, or you’re a real estate agent, a car salesman, or you just opened your own business. Relationships are actually the most dependable form passive income.


Why are relationships so vital?

It’s not an answer too difficult to understand……just good old fashion trust. It is the best ingredient for creating your very own passive streams of income. We live in a world where every lie thought of is promised on a daily basis just to drain prospects of their money.  Business attracts the most shameless, desperate, and even delusional people looking to make a quick buck, no questions asked. And unfortunately, that can only go on so long before you start to see entire markets tighten up on spending, trapped in skepticism, and not knowing who to believe.


Your prospect is lied to hundreds of times a day through exaggerated promises, partial truths, and even all out blatant lies.  And every bit of proof you could think of asking for has the potential to be fabricated.  In fact, as I’m writing this, a popular bitcoin program was just discovered to be entirely simulated.  Money was being taken in, and yet now legitimate currency was actually being circulated.  Another lie revealed in the crazy world of online business.



Transparency, relevance, and competence….

Can I trust you?  Is your idea relevant to my most important needs?  Are you able to follow through and fulfill your promise?  Don’t we ask ourselves these things when we consider spending money?


A great relationship manager puts the relationship above all else.  They strive to repeatedly demonstrate why they are worth being trusted, relied on, and listened to.  And there’s really no shortcut around it besides living up to what you promises.


In essence, a relationship manager that develops long lasting connections is first and foremost a master of their craft.  They surpass expectations with every opportunity they’re given.  Loyalty is built, and word of mouth begins to serve your business.


In conclusion, relationships are everything. Trust is a big factor in creating passive streams of income. A face to face conversation will outperform a phone call, which will outperform a sales letter, which will outperform an email.  People crave trust and connection.  Bring that to them before you ever bring up business.


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