What Is Your Time Truly Worth?

What is your time worth?  In the world of entrepreneurship, the value of your time is only capped by your ability to delegate.  In other words, you’re only as valuable as the jobs you have to do yourself. For example, if you rely on a paycheck as your only means of making money, then you are in fact worth your wage.  If you have to show up to your business every day to manage or operate it, then you are only as valuable as that roll.  However, what you’re currently worth per hour isn’t fixed.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you start your own affiliate marketing website, and your strategy is to post on your blog. Let’s say every 30 hours of posting results in $1,000.00 net profit.  That would make your time worth about $33.00 an hour.

Now let’s say you find a great assistant who can write posts for you.  After you spend some time training them, you only have to pay them $5.00 for an hour’s worth of your blogging.  That would mean you spend $150.00 to make a $1,000.00 on average.  But since you’re delegating the work, it only takes you 2 hours of your time.  So in reality you are spending 2 hours a month to make $850.00.  That would make your time worth about…..$425.00 AN HOUR!!!

Not bad right?  Here’s the point.  Small business owners shoot themselves in the foot by trying to do everything themselves.  This causes two huge issues.  The first is like we mentioned above. Mathematically you are making more money per hour, and are freeing your time up for other money making activities.  But the other thing is that specialists tend to do better than a jack of all trades entrepreneurs.

If you find a SEO specialist that has made this their calling in life, good luck coming anywhere near their level of performance.  While you only be making $1,000.00 per every 30 hours, they might be able to make $3,000.00.  This increases the value of your time even further, and makes you far more competitive on in the market

So always ask yourself.  What am I doing now that I could delegate out to make money?  If you can answer that, the sky is the limit.

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