Why Real Estate Investors are necessary….

There are numerous advantages real estate investors bring to the table when needing to liquidate a property. They also serve as a valuable resource to create affordable housing, and uplift the quality of available housing in their communities.

The biggest value investors tend to bring a motivated seller is speed. The longer you stay in a home, the longer you have to keep paying the mortgage, taxes, utilities, and repairs. This can be detrimental to those who are undergoing a financial hardship such as decreased income, unforeseen medical expenses, aging homeowners who need to transition to assisted living, bankruptcy, etc. Holding costs also eat away at inheritance. They can also add to the strain of relocating for a new job offer.

The next bonus they bring is that they can buy as is. No having to pay for costly updates or repairs. No dealing with independent contractors that tend to flex that independence at the most inopportune times. No worrying about permits. Very often buyers won’t even be able to get bank financing for your property if it isn’t up to code. Investors get around this through private lending or having the cash.

Next, there’s no commissions. Investors make their money in the already existing numbers. They make their profits by being able to solve problems faster and cheaper than the homeowner.

Lastly, they can negotiate with the bank. Investors help people avoid forclusure by negotiating short sales with the bank. They know what the process required is, saving you or a retail buyer a long and difficult learning curve.

They also help the community by improving neighborhoods, and relieving banks of liability properties.

All in all, investors can be pretty useful under the right circumstances.

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