The Win-Win Outcome online marketing

The Win-Win Outcome

Anybody can make a quick dollar stringing somebody along until they fork over their money.  Online marketing in particular is riddled with “Done-For-You” programs that indulge the idea that you can make more money than you can possibly imagine without using one brain cell, or bringing one sliver of value to the market.

The Win-Win Outcome online marketingIt’s the easiest way to get money from other people.  Let’s face it.  Most people look to these unorthodox ways of making money because most likely their Plan A has failed.  They are in a transition, or at a breaking point.  Many times their self-confidence is at rock-bottom, and the appeal of somebody else doing everything for you becomes incredibly tempting.  They think they need to find somebody else take over because they have no faith that they can do it themselves.

Desperate people are easy to manipulate and swindle out of their hard earned money.  And what better breeding ground for this than the internet.  Snake oil salesmen can hide behind their fake profiles without ever suffering any recourse for their crime…..

The Cold Hard Truth

There is only so much room at the top.  It has room only for the people who decide to take the bull by the horns, and take on a role of self-leadership.  There’s only enough room for those who devote themselves to self-improvement and a mission that will bring unrivaled value to the market.

But isn’t that how it should be?  I would like to think that you don’t deserve outrageous success unless you bring outrageous solutions to the numerous challenges the market is currently dealing with.  Think about all the innovations that have changed the world forever….

The automobile, the computer, the cellular phone, etc.  Do you think the people who uncovered these breakthroughs did so with the mentality of desperation?  Nope!  They went to war with the status quo.  Their vision and their mission were too big and beautiful for their obstacles to stifle them.

Give And You Shall Receive

In reality, the market is getting better and better at punishing the self-centered and the lazy.  It’s harder than ever to present your product up front, and find numerous interested buyers.  In today’s market, they want something up front.  Something that gives them value right off the bat, so they feel safe enough to trust you with their business.

I call it the “Win-Win” because success now more than ever means you have to contribute something valuable to your community first.  The rule of reciprocity has taken hold, and an income is only in store for those who seek to make an impact.  Even if you’re investor, you stand a better chance of making a significant process by investing in a business that has strong values.  Otherwise it’s only a matter of time that the market will chew up and spit out the morally bankrupt businesses.

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I am a college drop out who found my passion as an investor. I love the many facets of finance, investing, and business. But even more than that, I love sharing what I learn with others.

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