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You Can’t Shrink Into Greatness….

What one little board game taught us….

You’ve probably heard of the Rich Dad Poor Dad book series.  But what many don’t know is that their initial product was actually a board game.  My wife and I played it once in a real estate seminar.  It’s the sort of game that will beat you if you don’t know its secret.  Well here’s the spoiler alert.  I’m going to spill the beans because it’s something you need to understand.

Robert Kiyosaki knew what he was doing when he designed that game.  Just like in life, if you didn’t take the crucial steps in the right order, the rat race smothers you.  Game over.

Here’s how the game worked.  It starts out kind of like Monopoly.  Everyone gets some starting cash, and you take turns drawing deal cards.  Here’s the thing though.  Everyone was getting frustrated because the deals they were pulling were too expensive for anyone to buy with their starting money.

You’d have like $1,000.00 and you’d be pulling $10,000.00, $20,000.00 or $1 million dollar deals as I recall it.  And so everyone’s natural tendency was to keep playing the rat race, hoping they could save up enough money to finally buy a deal.  But what happened was that as the game went on, there were circumstances that would eat away at your money.  They were trying to conserve in order to win, but they wound up just dying a death of a thousand paper cuts.

Thinking outside the box….

What nobody seemed to realize was that there was another money amount shown on the card.  The money you could get by selling off the deal.  They were so focused on making the opportunity work, and reaching the end goal, they never considered that you could sell the deal off for no cost at all.

Here were the lessons I took away from how the room was playing the game……

  • A scarcity based mindset will make you hold onto things that won’t serve you and miss out on things that will.
  • You can’t shrink into greatness. You can’t go from playing it safe to having an empire.  You have to get your hands dirty, cooperate with others, and develop yourself over time.
  • Lump sum capital is a critical first step before shifting to passive income streams.

In particular, I really want to emphasize the last point.  These players were getting so frustrated because they felt they had to make the opportunity work.  They were so focused on the end result, that they ignored the process which could get them there.

In Real Estate, you can sell homes as an agent, or sell contracts as a wholesaler to generate the startup capital you need.  The lump sum capital you generate can be used to fuel your rental or lending to other investors for interest income. In the stock market, we use leveraged option positions to generate higher cash flow.  There’s a big difference between 40% ROI and 12%.

Regardless of how you raise your lump sum capital, if you skip this step you’ll have to wait a very long time to become financially free, if at all.   Some people are content with retiring comfortably at 60.  But some want to get there much faster.   That’s where nailing down your upfront capital strategies becomes vital.

Still not sure where to get started?  Follow along as we introduce our take on creating an overall wealth plan of action.

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